Spy shots of the next-generation BMW 7 Series first appeared in early 2020, though those early test vehicles wore the current-gen’s body. The saloon has since gained a thick camouflage wrap, which it continues to wear today. The latest spy video has captured the saloon again testing at the Nurburgring, its design still hidden from curious eyes, but you can hear the squealing tyres as the driver puts the saloon through its paces.

The new 7 Series is a large luxury saloon, and that’s visible on the track with the car’s body roll through the corners accompanied by the sound of squealing tyres. All of that promised luxury comes at a hefty price – more weight. The saloon is expected to offer a ton of tech as it competes directly with the new Mercedes S-Class. Previous spy shots have shown the car with rear-facing wing/fender cameras that suggest the car will offer advanced driver-assistance and semi-autonomous systems. That’s in addition to the creature comforts packed inside.

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Powertrain details remain up in the air, though those hoping for the V12’s continuation may be disappointed as the automaker has admitted that the beefy engine is living on borrowed time. Its low production volume paired with tightening emissions regulations make a terrible business case for the mill. There’ll be an all-electric version dubbed the i7, which could offer more than 500 bhp (372 kilowatts) in its highest trim.

The test vehicle spied in the video above appears to have stand-in headlight and taillight units while BMW continues to try to hide the flush door handles with stickers. The arrival of the new 7 Series is still months away, possibly launching as late as the second half of 2022. We likely won’t get a reveal until sometime early next year, which means we’ll continue to see the 7 Series covered in camouflage for the foreseeable future.