High-end automobiles and yachts go hand-in-hand for some lifestyles, and Bentley, not to be outdone in the boating department by the one-off Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, is one of those brands. However, the automaker went a bit further than its competitor. The company partnered with Contest Yachts to create a bespoke interior for a customer's boat that matches the interior of the owner's Bentley Continental GT V8.

Bentley Design Services did the work recreating the car's eclectic interior inside the yacht, working alongside the premium Danish yacht builder in the process. The car featured the brand's stunning Hotspur red leather throughout, and that carries over to the yacht. That includes the exquisite diamond-in-diamond stitching, which requires 712 stitches per diamond. Bentley has a specially commissioned machine exclusive to the brand to produce the pattern. The yacht, an 18-metre (59-foot) Contest 59 CS, also sports contrasting Linen beige hide.

Gallery: Bentley Contest 59 CS Interior

The yacht also comes with similar-looking light-coloured wood throughout the interior, which really connects with the Bentley's wood veneer that's on the dash, door panels, and centre console. Bentley did a remarkable job recreating the Continental's interior inside the yacht, the two featuring indistinguishable materials while showing off the brand's craftsmanship. The yacht matches the Bentley on the outside, too, with a deep blue hull complementing the car's Light Sapphire finish.

This isn't the company's first go-around with boats. In 2017, Bentley created the Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition alongside Princess Yachts, bringing styling from the boat into the car. The company even went as far as installing open-pore Pinstripe Walnut wood for the entire boot floor, though it was used throughout the interior, too. There's little doubt we'll see more partnerships between yacht makers and high-end car companies, as we've seen Aston Martin, Mercedes, and others wading into the water over the last several years.