The Ford Mustang Mach 1 is meant to give its owners a happy and pleasurable experience behind the wheel of the performance option for the best-selling sports car. But it seems like Mustang Mach 1 owners from Australia aren't too happy with their Mach 1 because of some advertised features from the brochure that didn't come with the actual car.

With that, Ford Australia is giving these unhappy customers a two-pronged offer to appease them – free servicing and track day. 

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According to Australia's CarExpert, the Blue Oval is now reaching out to owners to remedy the issue. One of the offers is three years of free servicing. In reference, the first three service fees for the Mustang Mach 1 in Australia cost 390 AUD (£212), 445 AUD (£245), and 545 AUD (£300).

Apart from the free servicing, Ford is also throwing in free Ford Performance Experience – basically a free track day at Australian courses near the customers. Ford Australia will be discussing the details with customers.

Among the features not found on the Australian-spec Mustang Mach 1 is the 3.73:1 Torsen limited-slip differential that's standard in US-spec models. Buyers from that side of the world will have to make do with the same 3.55:1 rear differential found on the Ford Mustang GT.

Other features that are missing are rear parking sensors and adaptive cruise control – both indicated as standard in the promotional materials of the Australian version of the Mustang Mach 1. Owners will only get reversing camera and regular cruise control.

Of note, the Mustang Mach 1 sells for 83,365 AUD or around £45,600 with the current exchange rates. This sticker price is said to be 20,000 AUD (£11,000) more than a regular Mustang GT. There are 700 units of the Mach 1 bound for the Australian market.