It's time for the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class to take on the moose test. Specifically, this is the S400d 4Matic with the standard Airmatic suspension but without rear-wheel steering.

The drivers praise the big saloon's handling. However, the first run at 47.85 miles per hour (77 kilometres per hour) is a failure because the car goes off course. The video's narrator blames this on the driver not being familiar with the vehicle.

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The testers eventually find that the key to getting a good result is activating the Sport+ driving mode. It lowers and stiffens the suspension, which is enough to get through the cones at 45.98 mph (74 kph).

There's an attempt at 47.22 mph (76 kph) that is nearly successful. The driver nudges two cones, which is enough for a failure. Although, in the real world, this result looks like it would be enough to avoid a moose in the road.

It would be interesting to see an S-Class with rear-wheel steering take on the moose test as a comparison against this one. Presumably, the system would make the handling even tighter and possibly would allow for even faster speeds through the cones.

In the slalom, the S-Class also does well. The suspension controls the body, and the driver is able to maintain control.