Lane cutters listen up, the shoulder is not a lane on the highway. It seems when gridlock forms many drivers see the shoulder as an additional lane build specifically for them. That is not the case and it’s about time justice is served. During a recent traffic event, many drivers took to the highway shoulder to skip some gridlock only to find themselves tracked down by the police. As they say, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

We get it, getting stuck in traffic is not fun. But remember you’re not stuck in traffic, you are traffic. When you sit on the highway cursing all of the cars around you for impeding your daily progress don’t forget that those around you feel the exact same way about you. Congested roads cause a huge waste of time. According to a Texas A&M study, “The average American commute to and from an urban centre will spend 42 hours sitting in traffic every year. (If you worked for 35 years and this remained constant, you'd be spending more than 61 days stuck behind the wheel.”

Thankfully it’s now easier than ever to avoid traffic thanks to smart GPS navigation systems that can route you around congestion and save you valuable time. If you want to head towards you’re favourite ice cream place or unfortunately work on Monday morning sometimes it’s a good idea to check the traffic report first. Google maps even offer features that will warn you of traffic before your scheduled commute.

For those of you that cannot avoid congested highways, there’s a host of modern cars that offer adaptive cruise control. This system in most cars and bring the car all the way down to 0 mph which means you can navigate traffic with only minor steering inputs which sounds quite relaxing. Anyway, please don’t break the law and drive on the shoulder, it’s dangerous and very illegal.