This Tesla owner claims his Model 3 saved his life, or at least saved him from a collision. He shows the footage of the incident from various angles, as it was captured by TeslaCam. We'll let you watch the footage and listen to the story and decide for yourself if Autopilot deserves credit here.

We've mentioned on many occasions that Tesla's Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSd) Beta technology get plenty of media attention, mostly due to concerns. If the systems falter or cause an accident, or even if there's a chance the technology was involved in an incident, it makes headlines across the globe. However, advanced driver-assist systems save lives.

We'll likely continue to learn about issues with Tesla Autopilot and FSD well into the future – even when the stories are unsubstantiated and the investigations are far from over. However, it's rare to hear about saves. And, when a Tesla fan or owner reports on an "Autopilot save," there are many folks and media outlets that will insist that it can't be proven. Regardless, advanced safety systems save lives every day, otherwise, they wouldn't be encouraged by safety organisations. 

Of course, we're not here to decide whether Tesla Autopilot or FSD are worthy. We're not beta testers, and we can safely say that we weren't on the scene or in the car during any of the recent Tesla crashes or "saves."

Regardless, we'll continue to share details and information as they become available. The video above by Tesla owner and YouTuber JoeyMakeitHappen caught our attention. It's just a short video with footage of the situation, and dialogue explaining what reportedly happened.

The Tesla owner was driving on the motorway in the rain when another car lost control and spun around. Autopilot alerted him and he was able to avoid the spinning car, remain in control, and maintain traction to keep from crashing into the side guard rail. He says the car "stuck to the ground like glue." Perhaps it was a combination of Tesla's safety features, advanced all-wheel-drive system, traction control, and handling that were at play here?