When you're transporting a healthy stash of cocaine, do you want to call attention to yourself? Apparently, two criminals in the UK thought it's a good idea to do so and cut a queue on the motorway while driving a BMW i8

Unfortunately for them, a police constable was among those in line, which then immediately chased the speeding hybrid supercar. Knowing the contraband inside their knapsack, the criminals sped more to avoid the police, starting the long car chase caught on the dash camera installed in the police car (video embedded on top).

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The incident happened last year on 5 November, with speeds recorded even beyond 100 miles per hour. As seen on the footage, the criminal on the loose weaved through traffic and jumped several red lights in an effort to leave the cruiser behind.

At one point, the BMW i8 went off-road and the passenger alighted, running away from the scene with a backpack. According to the West Midlands Police report, this passenger was caught while trying to get into a cab nearby.

The police discovered that the backpack contained 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cocaine, amounting to £500,000.

The recently-released police report stipulated that both criminals, Simon Pagett and Dean Stone, admitted to the drug charges. Stone is now serving six years in prison for the illegal possession of drugs while Pagett, who's the person behind the wheel, will be spending seven years behind bars.

This isn't the first that we've seen police car chases not ending well for the vehicle in front, but we all know that running away from the law isn't exactly the smartest thing to do, let alone, calling attention to yourself while trafficking illegal substances.