Are you in the market for a German luxury saloon? Well, if you can hold out a little longer an all-new BMW 7-Series is on the near horizon. A camouflaged 2023 BMW 7-Series was spied while testing in Southern Europe sporting some very unusual lighting setups. So, what can we expect from BMW’s upcoming top-of-the-line luxury saloon?

The BMW 7-Series has been the pinnacle of BMW luxury for quite some time. It remained unchallenged internally until the BMW X7 Luxury SUVdebuted in 2018 to cater to the ever-growing luxury SUV marketplace. Now the perennial 7-Series must compete with its SUV stablemate to capture the eye of luxury vehicle shoppers.

The camouflaged 7-Series will debut for the 2023 model year and we expect a reveal sometime in late 2022. That means BMW has a limited amount of time to finish their masterpiece and offer it to customers who expect the very best.

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The camouflaged 7-Series covers up most of its new design language but drops a couple hints about future design changes from the current car. First off, we see a completely redesigned set of door handles that are right below a false set of white handles meant to confuse onlookers.

Next, we see quad exhausts hidden by a bumper cut out to give the rear end a cleaner look. This particular 7-series even has a small trailer hitch on the rear for those owners who want to tow things. The interior looks very unfinished, however, it’s home to a massive collection of screens hinting at a digitally focused interior.

With BMW’s recent design controversies, the question of styling is critical, however, we lack answers at this point. Will the new 7-Series have the same massive kidney grille from the 4-series? Only time will tell but we sure hope not.