The Tesla Model S Plaid will give your neck muscles a real workout under full acceleration just to keep your head straight, with its 1,020 bhp and 0 to 60 mph time of 1.99 seconds. It will be one of the world’s fastest accelerating cars, quicker than most supercars, and now the manufacturer has officially confirmed just how quickly it can do a quarter-mile run.

Not too long ago, Jay Leno went on a podcast and announced he had driven a Model S Plaid on a drag strip where it posted a time of 9.247 seconds and a trap speed of 152.16 mph (244.9 km/h). Now Tesla has added the vehicle’s official quarter-mile time on the site, and according to the manufacturer, it’s even quicker.

Tesla lists the time as 9.23 seconds and the speed at 155 mph (249.5 km/h). It is also listed as ‘ the quickest accelerating car in production today,’ only it isn’t if you count the uber-expensive and exclusive Rimac Nevera (that costs £1.4-million) whose claimed sprint time to sixty is 1.85 seconds, quicker than the Tesla’s claimed 1.99 seconds.

The acceleration run from which Tesla extracted the numbers it later posted on its site was most likely not the one Jay Leno did. The time itself is only a few tenths off, but the trap speed is almost a full 3 mph over what was recorded on his run.

The Model S Plaid+ will be around as quick as the Rimac, though, and all for many times less money. Tesla hasn’t provided the final performance numbers for the Plaid+, though, but it may be quick enough to drop below the 9-second mark in the quarter-mile, although it will still struggle to beat the Nevera’s 8.6 second time.

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