London, 3rd June 2021: Motorsport Network, the integrated digital platform sitting at the heart of the motorsport and automotive industries, is expanding its event offerings with the acquisition of and

Motorsport Network acquires Track Day Specialists

Empowering up-and-coming racers to secure on-track time, offers comprehensive track-day listings for amateur and professional racing drivers with over 2,500 track and test events from over 70 organizers across Europe. Track days are an important element of a young drivers’ career as 60% of the UK’s racing license holders made their debuts on track days, leading many to pursue a motorsport career. is the evolution of this principle; a live 2-day show hosted at Silverstone Circuit that caters to prospective racers looking to assess championships while testing potential race cars on the track.

As part of the acquisition, events specialist and founder Ben Whibley will join Motorsport Network as ‘Director of Events’. In this role, Ben will also oversee several much-loved Motorsport Network events, such as the Autosport Awards, Autosport International, which attracts approximately 90,000 B2B and B2C visitors each year, as well as the online event ASI Connect.

Joining forces with Motorsport Network and its audience of 56 million highly engaged monthly users will open the MotorsportDays LIVE platforms up to a much larger audience of track racing enthusiasts and fills a gap in Motorsport Network’s broader events offering.

Gallery: Motorsport Network acquires Track Day Specialists

As the motorsport world builds back stronger after the pandemic, MotorsportDays LIVE will join Motorsport Network’s growing event roster alongside its established shows and business forums. MotorsportDays LIVE will also complement the many sports car and classic car events organized by Motorsport Network properties for racers, car lovers, manufacturers, suppliers, and exhibitors.

Oliver Ciesla, Chief Operating Officer at Motorsport Network, said: “I am delighted to announce that MotorsportDays and Ben Whibley are joining Motorsport Network. Ben’s network and his rich experience of running multiple events and shows for more than 15 years will strongly support our ambitious international growth plans in this field over the coming years.”

Ben Whibley, Events Director at Motorsport Network, said: “I’m thrilled to be part of a global industry leader of events and digital platforms in the motorsport and automotive space. This acquisition delivers a fantastic opportunity for Motorsport Network to benefit from MotorsportDays LIVE’s on-track trade event at Silverstone Circuit, plus MotorsportDays unique track-day listing website offering over 3,000 events a year. I’m looking forward to working closely with the Motorsport Network team to enhance these market-leading products and deliver them to a wider, global audience.”

Motorsport Network acquires Track Day Specialists

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