You'll be hard-pressed to find an FD2 Honda Civic Type R these days that go beyond £50,000, but this particular model in the UK sells for more. That's because it isn't any ordinary red-badged Civic. It's a Civic Type R Mugen RR – one of the only 300 examples ever made for the Japanese market and now for sale on Torque GT.

So what's so special about this rare Honda? Apart from the exclusive Milano Red paint colour, the FD2 Civic Type R Mugen RR (a mouthful, we know) has its weight reduced to 1,255 kilograms (2,767 pounds) with a handful of carbon-fibre upgrades and the aluminium bonnet.

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Also exclusive to the Mugen RR are Recaro SP-X racing bucket seats and other interior items. A set of special 18-inch Mugen 7-spoke wheels also come standard and of course, genuine Mugen RR badges inside and out.

Under the bonnet, this Type R Mugen RR for sale is powered by a 2.0-litre engine, uptuned to 237 bhp (177 kilowatts) and 161 pound-feet (218 Newton-metres) of torque through special Mugen parts such as camshafts, exhaust system, and ECU. It's, of course, mated to a 6-speed manual transmission.

While you'll more likely find driven examples of the Mugen RR on sale, this one for sale is mostly in storage since it got imported into the UK. In fact, it only has 32,899 miles (52,946 kilometres) – only 273 mi (440 km) of which were driven on UK roads.

Apart from the car itself, buyers will get the original Mugen RR owner's wallet and handbooks, as well as the original Japanese service history records.

The price? Torque GT asks £89,990. Not too shabby considering the rarity of this model, serialised at number 24 out of 300.