A quick search for Ferrari F40 and you will notice one glaring detail: almost all Ferrari F40 units that exist come in red.

That isn't happenstance or anything – all Ferrari F40s that rolled off the factory in the late '80s and early '90 came in the same shade of red. Designed to celebrate the Prancing Horse's 40th anniversary, these tasty sports cars all don the Rosso Corsa colour, the Italian for racing red.

But that doesn't mean that owners of this classic Ferrari, original or pre-loved purchase, don't have a choice in terms of colour. They have all the right to alter that – just like the matte grey example spotted in London in the video embedded atop this page.

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Donning a rather stale shade, the matte gray is far from the outgoing persona of the original F40. We reckon this isn't for everyone, and many hardcore fans of the Italian automaker might not get elated upon seeing the alteration.

Don't worry – this isn't a full-on repaint done on the sacred F40. It's actually a full-on aftermarket wrap job by Yiannimize. If that name sounds familiar, yes, Yiannimize is the same guy who we usually see with Mat Watson in Carwow's series of drag races.

Beyond the expected outcry, we think it's the owner's call on whatever he wanted to do with his vehicle. As long as it's their money, nobody can tell him what to do. As they say, his car, his rules. That stands the same even for a car that's as special and rare as an F40.

But that's just our opinion. You can watch Yiannimize's entire wrapping process in the video embedded below.