Quantum Group's effort to buy Lamborghini isn't over yet. VW Group refused to sell the Italian supercar maker for €7.5 billion (£6.5 billion at current exchange rates). Now, the investment firm that upped the bid by €1 billion (£859 million) to €2 billion (£1.718 billion), according to Automotive NewsThe additional money was for covering investments and for guaranteeing jobs.

"Of course our offer is still valid. After all, we have carefully weighed and thought through our decision for Lamborghini and the attached offer and concept," Rea Stark, who is Quantum's representative, told Reuters, Automotive News reported. "And if there is willingness to negotiate – whether that's investments, guarantees or the purchase price – then, of course, we are still prepared."

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VW Group was quite blunt when it refused the original offer. "Lamborghini is not for sale," a spokesperson said. We don't yet know whether Quantum's willingness to increase the bid by roughly 26 percent is enough for the German automaker to be more agreeable to selling the Italian brand.

The Quantum Group offer included the Lamborghini brand, its Sant’Agata facility, and motorsport operations. The investment firm also wanted a five-year supplier agreement, and it desired setting up a battery development centre with Audi. Quantum also guaranteed to maintain the current workforce for five years.

Quantum might have picked a bad time for attempting to buy Lamborghini because the Italian automaker just outlined its future product plan for electrifying vehicles. By 2025, all of the brand's models will have hybrid powertrains. There will also be a fully electric Lambo in the second half of the decade.

To make this happen, Lamborghini will invest over €1.5 billion (£1.288) over the next four years. The money will fund electrification tech and carbon fibre tech for offsetting the extra weight of batteries.

If an electrified Lambo doesn't appeal to you, recent spy shots show the company developing a new variant of the Aventador. Rumours suggest it's a final farewell to the model and would boast a V12 with 769 bhp.