In April 2021, plug-in electric car sales in Europe increased by about five times year-over-year from a very weak April 2020, affected by lockdowns.

The total number of new passenger plug-in electric car registrations almost reached 160,000, which is 15% of the overall market (by the way, the automotive market slowly improves, but it is still far behind pre-lockdown levels).

Plug-in hybrids note a slightly better result of 7.9% of the market, compared to 7.1% all-electric cars.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – April 2021


So far this year, some 617,000 passenger plug-in electric cars were registered in Europe. That's also 15% of the total market.

Sales by type:

  • BEVs: about 6.7% of the market
  • PHEVs: about 8.3% of the market

The most popular models

In April, the two most popular models were Volkswagen ID.4 (7,565) and Volkswagen ID.3 (5,941). For the ID.4, it's the first month on the top, while the ID.3 is returning to form, after a few slower months.

The next two best-selling models on the list are plug-in hybrids: Ford Kuga PHEV (Ford Escape PHEV in the U.S.) (4,300) and Volvo XC40 PHEV (4,118), followed by the Renault ZOE (4,083). We guess that Ford Kuga PHEV might become the top-selling plug-in hybrid in 2021, after a battery recall prevented it in 2020.

There is no Tesla Model 3 in the top 20 in April, as Tesla continues its tradition of delivering a high number of cars in the last month of a quarter. Nonetheless, Tesla Model 3 is the top-selling EV in Europe with over 32,000 YTD.

However, if we take a look at the automotive groups, the Volkswagen Group is now the leader with a 23 % market share. Stellantis (14%), Daimler (12%) and BMW (12%) completed top four.

Top 20 models for the month and YTD: