As with many other joint projects between Toyota and Subaru, the two automakers collaborative effort to make an electric SUV will result in two very similar vehicles. We don’t think they will be quite as similar looking as the Toyota GR86 and the Subaru BRZ, but they won’t be a million miles apart either.

Subaru recently published a teaser shot showing only the headlights and the rough shape of the vehicle, but it was like it wasn’t even trying to conceal the vehicle. Teasers usually conceal parts of vehicles in more artsy looking ways, but this just looks like a stock press photo that someone hastily airbrushed over to cover part of it - it’s laughably bad.

However, even though more than half the vehicle is hidden, we already have a pretty good idea of what the vehicle, dubbed Subaru Solterra, will look like. And now we have an even better idea, courtesy of this excellent rendering sent to us by Top Electric SUV from India, whose renderings we have featured many times before.

The Solterra they show is actually quite a handsome angular looking crossover that looks a lot like the Toyota bZ4X. In fact, what they did was take a photo of the bZ4X and changed its fascia, headlights and details to match what was visible in the teaser.

But as I mentioned in the first paragraph, don’t expect the two vehicles to be too different. It will be one step above just badge engineering, but they will still look a lot alike. No word on range or definitive specs, but we do know both vehicles will be all-wheel drive, they will have steer-by-wire tech (and a yoke instead of a steering wheel, so far only confirmed for the Toyota) and they should go on sale around the year 2022.