In our daily routine of gathering up noteworthy news and interesting events in the auto world, we sometimes come across something that's truly touching. the family loves cars, and we also love animals from all walks of life. Some of us – your author included – are cat people to the core. That's why this story is simultaneously wonderful and sad, but we're hoping beyond hope for an eventual happy ending all around.

We came upon this heartwarming enthusiast story from Japanese Nostalgic Car, and it begins like so many other great car stories. A man we only know by the name of Leiz bought this white 1989 Toyota Supra in 1994. In the States it wouldn't be a particularly rare find, but Leiz is in Japan and according to a Yahoo Japan auction for the car, he purchased it from a friend who bought it in California. As such, a left-hand-drive, US-spec A70 Supra Turbo in Japan is something special, as evidenced by Leiz keeping the car in good shape for 27 years.

Leiz also has a special furry family member in his life, a cat named Silk. Silk is a plucky boy who was diagnosed with with a dangerous virus that is often fatal and expensive to treat. Pets aren't just pets, they're family and Leiz did what anyone would do in such a situation. He set about finding the money he needed for treatment, in any way he could. The modified Supra went up for sale at the exact cost needed to cover Silk's expenses.

Here's where things take a turn for the better. The story went viral in Japan, and eventually caught the attention of another car enthusiast with deep pockets and a deeper love of animals. He bought the car for the full price and even paid a bit extra to help with the vet bills, but it didn't stop there. He then said he'd fix up some areas that needed attention, build a special garage for it, and when things were better, he'd sell the car back to Leiz for the same price he paid.

In the meantime, Leiz could come by for visits and even take the car for a spin since both men live in the same town. In essence, this wonderful benefactor offered a no-interest loan amounting to roughly £19,000, allowing Leiz to care for Silk while also staying connected to his special A70. Who's crying? We're not crying. Well, maybe a little.

As for Silk, it seems things are still touch-and-go. Leiz has an online blog with updates posted daily, and the latest is a mix of news. Silk is home from the hospital, but he's still having issues and generally doesn't feel well. It goes without saying that we are rooting for Silk with everything we have, and even if the worst comes to pass, Silk's story and the kindness of enthusiasts helping each other have touched the hearts of people all over the world. We're simply grateful to share it with you, and we're living to see Silk happy and healthy once again.