You guessed it. It's that time again for your weekend dose of interesting TeslaCam footage you can't help but watch. Perhaps we should call it a heaping helping rather than a dose, since this short video is packed with a variety of Tesla dashcam highlights. 

The video comes to us from YouTube channel Teslacam Supercharged. As usual, there are several short clips in the video, so we'll start with the lead story, even though it doesn't appear first in the video.

We get to see an MPV driver who seems unhappy that a Tesla slowed down for a road crew. The driver then proceeds to cross a double yellow line to try to "attack" the Tesla. In the process, the Kia Sedona has a near miss sideswiping another car, as well as a potential head-on collision. After all that, the MPV driver still chooses to brake-check the Tesla.

One of the other main highlights in the video shows a huge group of kids on bicycles taking up the entire road in both directions. The Tesla Model Y driver is expectedly a bit nervous about what these kids might do. You may have seen a video from late last year that made national news in NYC where a bike gang attacked a car.

In this video, the kids ride right toward the front of the Model Y, a few pop wheelies very close to the car. They make it look as though they're going to crash right into the Tesla, though they swerve at the last second. Fortunately, they're just fooling around, and they don't do any damage to the car.

Anyway, check out the video for other interesting clips.