2020 was a rough year for everyone. If this new teaser video for Jeremy Clarkson's next Amazon Prime adventure is any indication, it was pretty tough on his farm as well. This is our first look at his long-awaiting new farming feature, appropriately titled Clarkson's Farm. And well, it looks pretty much like you'd expect.

Naturally, the farm footage opens with Clarkson driving a Lamborghini but one of a very different nature. Every discerning car nerd knows Lamborghini began life building tractors, and Lambo still builds tractors to this day. We don't expect to see Clarkson drifting this one around a corner, but the teaser video does show him driving it into a building because hey, it's Clarkson. We also see him driving an excavator, a massive industrial forklift, a Range Rover, and he pilots (yes, pilots) a quadcopter drone. Could it be the same one regularly downed in the first season of The Grand Tour?

Judging by the trailer, Clarkson's Farm looks much like the same ham-fisted, dumber-than-thou schtick we've typically seen from Clarkson through his Top Gear and The Grand Tour days. But then the teaser cuts to an image showing his farm completely flooded, followed by a scene where he's presumably talking about his chances of survival should he get hit with coronavirus, which he did catch in late 2020. Obviously he recovered, but of course he would recover. Clarkson is too stubborn to fall to COVID.

Clarkson's Farm reaches Amazon Prime on 11 June, but fans might also be wondering when the next adventure from Clarkson, Hammond, and May will finally air. Season 5 of The Grand Tour sees the infamous motoring trio return to Scotland for an as-yet-unknown reason, driving three large American cars for more unknown reasons. Barring any additional delays, the next series should reach Amazon Prime by the end of 2021.