So, you think you need an SUV to drive in the snow twice a year? Let us introduce you to the antidote for your all-wheel-drive addiction via a classic E32 735i and a snow-covered private road.

Today the BMW 7 Series is a massive luxury barge built for straight-line speed and optimised passenger comfort but just a few decades ago the BMW 7 Series was a real driver's car. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at this masterclass in snow drifting led by an old BMW and a skilled driver.

The BMW E32 735i is powered by the 3.0-litre M30 inline-six engine which produces 208 bhp. This stout straight-six is mated to a five-speed manual transmission that routes power to the rear wheels of this BMW luxury saloon.

The E32 735i is a classic BMW with a front-mounted naturally aspirated straight-six sending power to the rear wheels via an engaging manual transmission. This tried-and-true formula defined BMW for decades and today we look back on what made BMW great. Today’s BMWs are a technological marvel with impressive on-paper performance, however, many argue that the magic is lost as the new formula replaces many driver inputs with superior computer-controlled systems.

Do you need an all-wheel-drive system to handle a snow-covered road? Definitely not especially if you have the correct tyres that are built for snowy conditions. With the correct set of snow tyres, your vehicle can grip on the slippery snow cover surfaces which allows for safer performance all around. If your tyres are gripping that means you can reliability accelerate and decelerate without a reduced chance of losing control and slipping.

So what’s the best winter car? Based on the beautiful display in this video we can confidently conclude that you need an E32 BMW 735i with a good set of tyres.