Mercedes-Benz has officially confirmed it is working on an AMG version of its EQS flagship electric saloon, but we don’t expect it to look this extreme. In this rendering by artist Nikita Aksyonov, he takes things one step further than Mercedes will officially and makes what would be described as an EQS Black Series.

In case you are not familiar with it, Black Series is Mercedes top of the range performance line of vehicles, one step above its AMG-badged models. Black Series Mercedes models are even more powerful, harder and more focused and they were mainly designed to be used on a track. The Black Series line has so far been reserved for the company’s two-door models (SLK, CLK, SL, C63, SLS and AMG GT).

Mercedes EQS AMG Black Series rendering

There has not been a Black Series saloon (and there will probably never be one, because saloons are less likely to be used on track), but this EQS rendering shows us what one might look like. It gets a widebody kit that changes its stance compared to the regular EQS, as well as a bonnet full of vents and louvres, bold side skirts with winglets, a different rear bumper with integrated diffuser and a massive oversized wing on the back.

We say the wing is a bit overkill for this particular vehicle and it makes the rendering seem less realistic, but we understand why he put it there - it is a surefire way to make the back end of the vehicle stand out and alert everyone this is not the usual EQS. Mercedes won’t go quite this extreme with the AMG EQS, but some of the cues seen in this rendering will be found on the series model.