It’s always sad to see a car crashing - be it a crash-test prototype or just a random delivery truck. Of course, human life is always more important and we are happy when everyone walks away with little or no injuries, though it also hurts to see demolished machines. And when we are talking about some of our favourite modern-day models, it hurts even more.

Now you are probably drawing a pretty apocalyptic picture in your head. Actually, things aren’t that bad but they are not good either. A short TikTok video takes us to an empty street where a car carrier has been parked. A few seconds after the start of the video, a Jaguar F-Type can be seen falling off the car carrier’s trailer. It’s definitely not a smooth landing and that’s not even the worst part.

As the video continues, we get to see the Jag rolling backwards by inertia. Weirdly, there’s no one behind the steering wheel and it appears that the car is left in neutral with the parking brake not engaged. What seems like a second-generation Chevrolet Silverado behind takes a hit into its front bumper as a result of the freely rolling F-Type.

Behind that white truck is another expensive sports car. We can’t figure out the exact model year but this is a Nissan GT-R and it’s definitely not having its best day. It’s standing right behind the Silverado and gets gently bumped by the truck. We can’t tell what damage it’s suffering, though it’s probably more than just a bumper scratch given the Chevy’s massive rear bumper.

All in all, we are glad no one was hurt but someone is probably going to be fired after this accident. It’s difficult to estimate the damage to the three vehicles by this short video but we are probably talking about at least a several thousand-dollar repair bill.