When Tesla unveiled its wild-looking Cybertruck back in 2019, there were more than a few jokes about it looking like something a kid would draw in school. Regardless of your take on the Cybertruck's shape, over 200,000 potential buyers have stepped up to place a reservation. We're still awaiting the final production design, but as for those kids (both young and old), here's a cool holdover that won't break your budget.

Yes, it's another 1:10 scale radio-controlled Cybertruck from Hot Wheels. If you recall, the forever-young toy brand announced a very cool mini-Cybertruck way back in 2020 with gobs of detail and a modest $400 (approx. £285) price tag. That's par for the course in the adult world of radio-controlled fun, but this latest offering seeks to thrill youngsters with a $100 (£70) price tag that's a bit easier for parents to digest – even if those "parents" don't technically have children.


What do you get for that price? The truck is the same size as the pricier collectible but not quite as robust. Mattel Creations pegs the top speed of this Cybertruck iteration at 12 mph, about half the speed of its upscale doppelganger. This version only spins the rear wheels versus all four, and according to Cnet, it's not quite as detailed nor does it feel as substantial. But lest ye forget, it's also one-quarter the price.

That said, it does have working lights and a neat steering-wheel-shaped control that mimics the one used in the actual Cybertruck, and it also comes with a 1:10 scale Cyberquad that sits neatly in the back. Sadly, the quad isn't radio-controlled but it does roll freely, and there aren't a bunch of batteries to deal with. Plug the truck in for three hours and you get about 25 minutes of run time.

Perhaps of greater interest to Cybertruck fans, this version doesn't appear to be a limited-edition item. The original $400 truck quickly sold out, and at $100, this could be a viable alternative to all the Tesla enthusiasts out there.

The new Hot Wheels Cybertruck goes on sale 21 May through the Mattel Creations website, available at the source link below.