Before we dive into this completely preventable calamity, yes we're aware that the infamous 11-foot-8 bridge is actually higher now. In 2019 the Gregson Street Overpass in Durham, North Carolina was raised to 12 feet 4 inches (3.7 metres), but as this dramatic video from yovo68 on YouTube shows, that hasn't stopped clueless drivers from crashing into it.

And we do mean clueless drivers in every possible way. That's because the height of the Gregson Street Overpass isn't just marked on multiple yellow signs. There's a gigantic yellow bar just ahead of the bridge designed to get drivers' attention and to absorb damage that would otherwise affect the span. There's also a huge digital sign on the bridge warning approaching vehicles if they're over height, and those sensors also trigger a traffic light that brings approaching traffic to a stop. So yeah, crashing into this bridge means missing not one, or two, or even three warnings. It also means running a red light.

And yet, we have the driver of this box truck who failed four times to see the impending crash. There isn't much to say about this which isn't demonstrated in the video with perfect clarity, though we are shocked that the driver apparently keeps right on going, literally leaving the roof of the cargo box laying in the street. The video ends a few seconds after the truck passes so we don't know if the driver stopped and returned to the scene. But for those few seconds after the crash we see it continuing up the street as if nothing happened.

The writing on the truck reads Little Solutions Logistics, which comes up in a Google search as a company based approximately 85 miles east of Durham in Rocky Mount. The search also shows the company handles general freight and has just one truck with one driver, so looking on the bright side, at least the boss won't be angry that the only truck in the fleet is now wrecked. With the crash caught on camera. At perhaps the most notorious low bridge in the world.

Folks, stay safe out there. And for goodness sake, if you hear a ginormous crash while you're driving, it's probably a good idea to, you know, stop.