Most drag-race videos from Carwow herald the latest and greatest sports cars, which can often sprint to 60 mph in less than three seconds. However, Yiannimize recently joined Mat Watson to pit three lorries against one another in the slowest and most hilarious drag race we’ve seen in recent times.

In terms of power numbers, these big rigs are actually quite close. All of the vehicles are built by Scania with 13.0-litre engines producing over 400 bhp (298 kilowatts). While Watson and Yianni are in the most powerful truck – producing 500 bhp (373 kW) – their performance advantage is balanced by a massive digger on the back. The other two competitors only have 410 bhp (306 kW) and 450 bhp (336 kW) to work with, but no ballast to slow them down.

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Despite a little bit of a jump start by Yianni, the most powerful truck in the lineup was humiliated in the first race. Rumour has it that the owner of the business that provided the trucks didn’t trust Watson behind the wheel. Semantics aside, it didn’t help them in the first race.

Through the entire video, Watson’s inability to enter and exit heavy construction machinery was quite apparent. To everyone’s amusement, the cameras capture his ungainly ingress and egress from the cab at the front and the digger at the back. Either way, we’d wager that their chariot could easily gap the other two without the ballast.

Even after jumping the start by a country mile, Watson and Yianni’s Scania R500 didn’t have the puff to compete with the other two. While unfortunate, it’s clear that any opportunity to drag race a trio of big rigs is a victory in itself for everyone involved.