Developing a road-legal supercar is difficult, to say the least. That’s especially true for small manufacturers like Connecticut-based Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus who must satisfy strict government regulations while keeping the organisation viable. For a company that plans to build a very limited production run of 25 vehicles, crash testing a prototype represents a massive risk.

Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC has taken on a very unique challenge for the team at Glickenhaus. Before this prototype 004S is sent for crash testing where it will run headfirst into a wall, Larry has the opportunity to perform some testing on detailing techniques and products. Ammo NYC will be part of the final manufacturing process of customer Glickenhaus 004’s and every single vehicle will pass through the Ammo NYC studio before being delivered to customers. 

Glickenhaus is proud to offer customers a plethora of options that allow them to make their final vehicles exactly to their liking. Much of that includes exterior options like exposed carbon fibre or paint. Then there are glossy and matte finishes followed by clear bra applications, which can also be clear or matte. The possibilities are virtually endless which is why working on the Glickenhaus 004S is such an exciting opportunity for Larry Kosilla and Ammo NYC to put the final touches on dozens of unique supercars.

Watching this 004S prototype give its life so that others can be built is both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. Sure, the engineering team at Glickenhaus can use computer simulations to estimate what the car will do in a crash but for the Department of Transportation, nothing beats the real deal. The information gained from Larry’s testing and during the crash test will allow Glickenhaus to deliver the best car possible for dozens of lucky customers.