In its second generation since late 2016, the MG 6 saloon was facelifted about a year ago when it received a more powerful turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine. It would appear a more exciting version is right around the corner judging by official images released by the SAIC-owned British brand on its Weibo account in China.

Reviving the XPower moniker, the hot MG 6 adopts a far more aggressive exterior design with bulging wings/fenders and a massive rear wing. It also adopts a beefy diffuser flanked by quad exhaust tips, hinting at some serious power lurking from underneath the bonnet. It's unclear whether MG has fitted a higher specification of the same four-cylinder turbo mill or a different powertrain.

Gallery: MG 6 XPower

Official details are shrouded in mystery as we don't even know whether the MG 6 XPower is a one-off concept or a production model. Local media suggests it's the latter scenario as the sporty saloon will be sold to customers beginning with 12 June. We'd take this information with the proverbial pinch of salt as the automaker has yet to release anything about the car aside from these low-resolution images.

The attractive paint scheme could pay tribute to the automaker's traditional British Racing Green, which has also been used for the brake callipers as well as the decorative stitching inside the cabin. A closer look at the front bumper reveals there are dual openings just above the bonnet, presumably to feed air to the uprated engine. That said, we won't be too surprised if those are just for show and don’t serve a functional purpose.

The car flew under the radar at the recent Auto Shanghai show in China and some will be surprised to hear the TCR-spec MG 6 race car also bears the XPower badge. Expect more details about the road-going version to surface in the coming weeks when we’ll hopefully learn about the engine.