If you live for the smell of burning leaves, enjoy wearing black robes, and love drinking red wine, this could be the spooky motohome you've been waiting for. Officially, it's a 1982 Airstream Excella 280 funeral coach but it no longer transports the dearly departed. Instead, it transports a handful of people into a world of vampires as a crazy cool mobile escape room. And yes, you can buy it ... maybe. More on that in a moment.

First, behold the glory that is the Excella 280. As a funeral coach, it was originally designed to transport a large group along with a plethora of flowers and a casket, taking family and friends on one last ride with their passed-away loved one. This particular version is for sale in Michigan USA on Facebook Marketplace, and according to the listing, it's one of just 33 such funeral coaches built.

It's a rare machine, but at some point it was converted into a mobile escape room with a vampire theme. Vampire's Lair is the name of the adventure, accommodating up to six players who have around 40 minutes to escape, lest they be turned into creatures of the night by a thirsty vampire who wakes up very hungry.

Airstream Funeral Coach Escape Room Interior
Airstream Funeral Coach Escape Room Interior

If this sounds vaguely familiar, it's because we featured this very Airstreamon Motor1.com before. Back in 2018 it was all the rage for Halloween fun as part of the adventures offered by Michigan-based Escape Room Studios. The ad tells us this Airstream doesn't run, but it does come with absolutely everything needed to keep the escape room up and running as a unique, entertaining business. That means all the props – including a coffin that people must crawl through to escape – are included in the selling price.

As for that price? It's listed at $50,000 (approx. £35,000) and it's technically still listed for sale as we post this article. However, it appears a buyer is already involved as the listing is currently marked pending. Whether that person escapes with the Airstream remains to be seen, but if the sale doesn't happen, we suspect there are many others keen to have the coolest Halloween bus on the block.