[UPDATE] Video embedded above removed from YouTube.  -  There's a new teaser trailer that just dropped for the latest Fast and Furious film, but this one is a bit different. Instead of focusing on Dom's family angst, Roman's one-liners, or crazy stunts like a Fiero launching into orbit, we're seeing something properly epic – the prominent female power that's a significant part of Fast 9.

The clip opens with Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, ripping it up on a dirt bike. Rodriguez is arguably the most prominent female cast member of the franchise, but Jordana Brewster as Mia is finally getting some long-overdue screen time in the action sense, as we see her atop an APC saving someone from a grizzly death. Charlize Theron's Cipher is also back to wreak havoc, and Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey will do more than just hack computers this time around. We don't know how big Helen Mirren's role as Queenie is, but it's absolutely cool to see her driving with the boys.

Of course, we should've seen all this last year, but COVID-19 had other ideas. The release date was delayed several times through 2020 and even into 2021, though the current UK theatrical release of 8 July seems set in stone at this point. By now everyone knows that John Cena will enter the fray as Dom's long-lost (and apparently evil) brother Jakob, and he's working with Cipher to some degree with the goal of simply making his brother's life miserable.

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Their battle will involve supersized magnets that can pull vehicles through buildings, futuristic jets that can catch cars out of mid-air, cars getting into mid-air, and the aforementioned space-bound Pontiac Fiero. And we still don't know how Sung Kang's character Han is back from the dead, but with his return, we hold out hope that Gal Gadot will also return for future films as Gisele.

When theatre screens light up on 8 July in the UK, moviegoers should be in for one hell of a ride.