Gamers all over the world were deeply saddened by the news that legacy servers for Halo titles on the Xbox 360 would go dark at the end of 2021. Despite this unfortunate eventuality, there are things to look forward to. Halo Infinite is on the way, and the developers at 343 Industries recently released a preview of a replacement for the game's famous Warthog vehicle.

Referred to as the Razorback, this beefier transport is more spacious and robust than its cousin. While it’s tough to beat the vim and vigour of the Hog, the next-generation fast attack vehicle appears to offer bigger tyres and more protection for the occupants inside – yes, we're aware that it still doesn't have any doors.

We’ve yet to see in-game footage of the new vehicle, but it will likely carry over many tried and true features from the Warthog. Why change features that were already good enough to fight back the Covenant Empire many times over, right? Despite the game being set nearly 500 years in the future, Master Chief’s ride-or-die still boasts a hydrogen-injected internal combustion engine along with four-wheel steering and all-wheel drive.

While impressive, we’d wager it will be difficult for the Razorback to compete with the status of its predecessor. Regardless, as the last Halo title was released in 2015, 343 Industries decided it was time for a change. Few vehicles in video games have anything close to the reputation of the Warthog, but we’d wager that the UNSC’s latest attack vehicle will fill the void.

Staged in a damaged Halo ring, Master Chief makes a return in this latest title. Infinite was originally set to be released for the Xbox Series X/S on November 10, 2020, but has been pushed back to late 2021. With the graphics horsepower of the next-gen Xbox consoles, fanatics will have a lot to look forward to behind the wheel of the Razorback.