Mitsubishi is bringing back the storied Ralliart brand, the brand's high-performance and motorsports division which paused its operations in 2010. After an 11-year hiatus, it seems like the Diamond brand is reviving the division in Japan – all in the effort to bring back the Mitsubishi-ness of its cars.

This news is confirmed through Mitsubishi FY2020 financial report that was released on 11 May 2021. There were other details on the financial report that shows the automaker's plans in the ASEAN market, but what piqued our interest was the return of Ralliart.

Mitsubishi Announces Return Of Ralliart

Gaining popularity in the '80s, Ralliart has become a banner for Mitsubishi for rally races, including the World Rally Championships. Details of the revived Ralliart are scarce at this point, but reports from Japan said that it will be both ushering in products such as Ralliart parts and accessories, as well as involvement in motorsports.

Based on the images included in the FY2020 financial report, it looks like the midsize pickup truck Mitsubishi Triton (called the Strada in other markets) will be the first to adopt the Ralliart treatment, but it's unclear whether it's for the current model or the upcoming next-generation model that's set to arrive next year.

We all know the Mitsubishi has been struggling as a company as a whole. The Diamond company has announced some realignment for its lineup last year as part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Of note, Mitsubishi will be focusing its efforts in the ASEAN region and will not be introducing new models in Europe, though a new report in February of this year told us that there's a faint spark of hope for the brand through Renault.

Could the return of Ralliart help with the automaker's current status? Time will tell, but for enthusiasts and car nuts, the return of the motorsports division is a treat and something we can watch out for.