While many classic Land Rover owners strive to rid their vehicles of rust, Heritage Customs is offering pre-rusted side vents and bonnet accents for the brand new 2021 Defender. These finely aged accessories are possible thanks to the aftermarket brand’s revolutionary metal-binding technology.

The new metallurgy process lets Heritage paint all types of metal on both the interior and exterior of its full Valiance and Vintage aftermarket models. It can spray a thin layer of aluminium, brass, bronze, titanium, zinc, or even gold. The sprayed-on metal will hold its shape and even flex, and the company says the finish will last for up to 20 years. Following the initial spray, the studio can brush, polish, sand, or in this case, even oxidise (rust) the material.

Gallery: Heritage Customs Land Rover Defender

“Of course the effect of the rusty exterior elements can also be applied to the wheels or interior jewellery,” said Heritage Customs co-founder Jan-Pieter Kroezen. “The combination of all elements and materials generate a commanding and bold look for this Heritage Customs Valiance.” Car designer and co-founder of Heritage Customs Niels van Roij added, "We can then halt corrosion at any desired moment: sealing the metal will stop the wear."

This isn’t the first time that we’ve covered rusty bits for newer vehicles. The difference is that Porsche’s interpretation of the idea was an April fool's joke while these Land Rover components are quite the opposite.

Along with the rusted exterior components, this customer’s vehicle features HC’s bespoke 22-inch Black Crow forged alloy wheels. The interior has also been reupholstered in brown leather that is colour-matched to the rusty bits on the front fascia. The customer also opted for carbon fibre inlays in the door cards and the dashboard.

Kroezen built the company alongside his car-designing compatriot Niels van Roji. Unlike many Land Rover boutiques, the brand focuses on aesthetics to make the iconic offroaders even more beautiful.