We're pretty much at the final year of the current BMW X1. The smaller Bimmer SUV, or SAV, is expected to get a next-generation model soon and we've had several sightings of the all-new model in its testing phase. The most recent spy photos were taken at the Nurburgring last month, which saw the prototype wrapped in typical black-and-white attire.

You've seen the photos, now see the next-generation X1 move through the multiple corners of the 'Ring, courtesy of CarSpyMedia on YouTube. We've embedded the spy video at the top of this page for you to enjoy.

Gallery: 2022 BMW X1 Spied At The Nurburgring

While the video and the photos are almost a month apart, we have reasons to believe that this is the same prototype we've seen before. That's based on the matching license plates in the photos and video.

Based on what we see in the footage, it looks like BMW is fine-tuning the X1's handling. It wasn't a leisurely run at the track and you can clearly see the small SUV attacking corners at speeds.

Beyond the movement, the X1's new silhouette looks better than the outgoing model. Of course, other design updates are in order, we're not expecting a massive size increase on the signature kidneys.

At launch, the next-generation X1 is expected to have an all-electric version in tow. Believed to be called the iX1, BMW has confirmed the zero-emission version's arrival through a lengthy press release last year. We've also seen numerous prototype testing of the all-electric X1, which is expected to have varying power outputs between 180 to 250 bhp. Of course, petrol and diesel models will still be part of the lineup.

The arrival of the new BMW X1 is confirmed to happen in 2022 though the exact date hasn't been disclosed as of this writing. Who knows, BMW might do an early debut this year, with deliveries happening next year.