For most petrolheads, widebody conversions are generally accomplished with bigger wheel arches and the job is done. However, the guys at Garage54 recently built their own widebody Lada by welding two of the cars together.

It’s no surprise that things got complicated in a hurry, but no job is too big for the guys at Garage54. The operation was a lot more complicated than just chopping the cars and welding them together. Along with reinforcing the body, the team also had to rethink the steering and suspension.

After a quick spin through the car park, the double-wide Lada performed beautifully. As both vehicles still keep their engine and gearbox, the crazy contraption can actually skid steer in a perfect circle – one driver in reverse and the other in first gear. We’ve covered a lot of crazy contraptions at Motor1, but this is up there.

Throughout the video, it was clear that the vehicle was quite the head-turner. There were quite a few onlookers, even as they were just trundling around the outside of their workshop.

Following the beta test in the car park, the guys went on to further refine their widebody Lada. With a fresh coat of paint and some massaged body panels, the car was transported to a local test track. For such a heavy car, the final product was capable of some surprisingly acrobatic moves without immediately snapping in half.

However, after adding four additional passengers towards the end of the video, the front left wheel finally gave up. Even with the issue fixed, the guys ended their day after one of the engines decided to overheat.