Car fires are frightening occurrences that can quickly get out of hand. And it can happen to both combustion cars and electric vehicles. A recent Tesla crash had firefighters using 32,000 gallons of water to extinguish the fire, but a Norwegian company called Bridgehill offers a better solution – a fire blanket that can fit over an entire car. It works by smothering the flames, depriving the fire of its much-needed oxygen.

Car fires can be toxic, too, with countless chemicals running off into the environment and noxious smoke filling the air as firefighters attempt to extinguish it with water. The blanket helps eliminate some of those hazards, extinguishing the fire in minutes, according to the company. However, the lithium batteries in electric vehicles can burn without oxygen, though the blanket can help isolate the fire until firefighters arrive.

The blanket is big, measuring 6 metres (19 feet) by 8 metres (26 feet), capable of covering a wide variety of makes and models. It weighs a hefty 28 kilograms (61 pounds). All one has to do is spread the blanket on the ground, pull it over the burning vehicle, and make sure the blanket is tight to the ground. The company recommends leaving it on the car for at least 20 minutes to guarantee the fire is out and only allowing trained firefighters to remove it.

The company offers two types of blankets – Standard and Pro. The standard looks like a single-use product designed for spaces with a high concentration of cars, like parking garages and repair shops. The Pro is reusable for up to 30 car fires, which is perfect for firefighters and other safety organisations. It’s not a panacea to car fires, but it could greatly reduce damage until the professionals arrive. A lone car fire can easily damage any surrounding property, and that’s never good.