The last time we spotted the Mercedes EQS SUV, it was literally swathed in snow. Deep in wintertime testing, the electric people mover was zipping past the camera wearing a full camo wrap that concealed details. Since then, the EQS saloon has debuted around the world and we know there will be features shared between the two EV flagships. These new spy photos prove it.

We don't have many images to share this time around – just seven to be exact. The exterior is still coated in a camouflage wrap and fake panels, not to mention placeholder taillights at the back. However, now that the sedan is unwrapped, we can easily see a very similar design for the grille and headlights on the SUV.

Even with cladding under the wrap at the grille, there's no missing that big, grinning face and cab-forward design Mercedes made such a big deal about at the EQS debut. And we also now know that the rectangular cutout on the wing/fender is almost certainly the fill location for the windscreen washer fluid, strange as that is.

Gallery: Mercedes EQS SUV Exterior And Interior Spy Photos

Of greater significance this time around is the interior. This prototype was caught with the windows down, and our spy photographer took the opportunity to peer inside with camera in hand. Covers were still in place on the door panels and parts of the dash, but enough was exposed to reveal a near-identical glass cockpit arrangement as seen in the EQS saloon.

There's certainly no missing the digital instrument screen and the large centre screen, but we'd bet a gazillion dollars there's a passenger screen under cover on the far side. And we'd double down that all the screens are contained behind a singular flush design, identical to the saloon.

Despite the saloon's recent debut, we aren't expecting to see the SUV break cover anytime soon. Mercedes is on track to have 10 electric vehicles in its stable by the end of 2022 and the EQS SUV will likely come towards the end of that run, possibly debuting late this year or the first half of next year as a 2023 model.