Brembo is a world leader in braking technology, but its new G Sessanta calliper concept is a very weird idea. These stoppers light up, and owners can control the colour of the illumination from a smartphone app.

The company's video (above) shows the G Sessanta on a motorcycle. However, our pals at Motor1 Italy spoke to Brembo and confirmed this calliper concept applied to automotive applications, too.

Gallery: Brembo New G Sessanta

Brembo sees the illuminated callipers as having two major applications. First, they could look cool aesthetically. It's not hard to imagine rolling through a city at night and getting attention by having the brakes going through a rainbow of colours.

Alternatively, the lights could be a way for the brakes to communicate with a driver or rider. As an example, think about how useful it could be to see a red light flashing to advise you to change the brake pads. Another possibility is having them function as additional brake lights to make the vehicle more visible when slowing down.

The exterior design of the G Sessanta concept takes styling inspiration from Brembo's first brake calliper from 1972. The shape is the company's vision for callipers of the future.

The illuminated calliper seems like a perfect match with Brembo's mirror-finish Greentive rotors because the light would bounce off of them. When showing them off last year, Brembo said that the discs lasted longer than traditional ones. A cool touch was that a Brembo logo appeared when the surface was worn down enough as a way to advise people that it was time to swap them out.

Brembo has been working on more stylish callipers for a while. In 2019, the company introduced concepts for patterned stoppers at the Geneva Motor Show. The designs included argyle, orange camouflage, neon letters, cheetah print, leaves, Keith Haring drawings, and a dragon.