While Bugatti has made a name for itself building some of the fastest cars on the planet, it's no slouch in the luxury department either. The French automaker has recently deviated from the automotive industry to build one of the most impressive pool tables we’ve ever seen.

This work of art features a billet aluminium frame that’s been CNC machined and polished to a mirror-like shine. The frame is then covered with a carbon fibre skin manufactured from aeronautical-grade prepreg carbon with a PVC core.

Gallery: Bugatti Carbon Fiber Pool Table

Unlike many extracurricular items that automakers tend to build, Bugatti completely redesigned the pool table from the ground up. This isn’t the average table that you’d find at your local pub. The French automaker worked with IXO – a small Spanish company specialising in carbon fibre projects – to produce a product that recreates the mystique behind its road cars.

“When we started developing the Bugatti pool table project, I knew we had to be different and excel in all areas, in order to become something out of the ordinary,” said IXO’s General Manager Pedro Sánchez.

One of the party pieces of the final product is the optional servo-driven levelling system. Should the table be installed aboard a yacht (this Lamborghini sport boat, perhaps), each leg will be able to compensate for the movement of the ship, maintaining a perfectly level playing surface. IXO says that each leg will be fitted with Siemens servo drivers, which can react to any boat movement within five milliseconds in total silence and vibration-free movement.

While every nook and cranny of this table is packed full of advanced materials and engineering, it does come at a price. Each table will set you back around $300,000 (approx. £215,000) – including accessories – and only 30 will be made.