Dorilton bought the squad last summer, with the Williams family departing after the 2020 Italian Grand Prix, and the company has spent the months since buying the squad evaluating its investment as well as installing a new management structure. 

Former Volkswagen motorsport director Jost Capito was appointed as the Williams team’s CEO at the end of last year, with Simon Roberts continuing as team principal on a permanent basis after being the acting incumbent in that role after Monza 2020. 

Recently, the team has begun advertising for a large number of engineering roles, mainly positions that will strengthen its aerodynamic department. 

When asked about the new plan to hire more staff by over the Portuguese GP weekend, Robson said: “My understanding is that there’s quite a lot of positions going in aerodynamics,  

“They’re new positions and they’re new groups of people that we’re trying to bring in to develop some new ways of working as part of the new owner’s plan to innovate and do things slightly differently as we look to push the way we develop the car next year and into the future.  

“So yeah, I think it is a really good sign.  

“It’s obviously big change in the aero regs for next year, so I think a fresh way of looking at things and a new approach with more people can only be a good thing.” 

Former VW motorsport technical boss Francois-Xavier Demaison has also joined Williams for 2021, as technical director, and Robson explained how the pair will work together to develop the team’s efforts at its Grove factory and at race events. 

“Personally, I still report in to Simon, so in that regard it’s not different, but obviously F-X is in charge of all of the technical side back at the factory,” he explained.  

“And so, my relationship with him and the guys that work with him and for him is really important, because that’s how we’ve got to communicate at that level to develop the car the way we need it.  

“So, I’ve spent a bit of time with him, he was in Imola and we’ve had some good conversations. 

“Simon is my line manager, but my relationship with F-X is going to be really important going forwards.” 

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