Are you ready to see the coolest thing ever? Actually, it's one of the hottest things ever but you get the point. Car fanatics love old parts repurposed into brilliant furniture, and it doesn't get much better than a V8 engine block table that's also an epic fire pit.

Actually, it does get better, because this isn't a hollowed-out block that you fill with wood. A propane tank provides the fuel, and it's literally fired up with the turn of a key that activates an electric spark igniter. Meanwhile, your foot works the accelerator pedal to control the flow of propane into the engine. Floor it, and you'll get flames shooting over half a metre in the air. Seriously, can a fire pit be any more brilliant than this?


Obviously, this isn't something you'll find at Ikea but you can get one if you're really into it. This bespoke table is the brainchild of John Cobb, a full-time automotive artist and the driving force behind his company, Alaris Invent. He's built all kinds of neat auto-themed furniture over the years, but he went full-time with his passion in 2020 and the automotive world should be thankful for that. With an eye for detail and an intense desire to explore new concepts, Cobb's creations are truly something to behold.

Gallery: Fire Breathing Engine Table

Photo Credit: John Cobb

As for the flaming engine table, the request came from a woman in Calgary, Canada who saw Cobb's handiwork and wanted to surprise her husband with something unique. The concept of an engine table doubling as a fire pit was hers, but Cobb brought the crazy design to life. It took three months of trial and error to get it dialled in with the details just right, including the added touches of a key for ignition and an accelerator pedal to control the flame. As you can probably imagine, this particular customer was thrilled with the outcome.

Speaking to, Cobb tells us that he's happy to build more. Each one is a bespoke project so there's plenty of collaboration throughout the process to bring individual visions to life. If a flaming engine is a bit much for your current space, his website also lists camshaft lamps, crankshaft end-tables, engine coffee tables, engine wine racks, and even a bespoke smartphone dock made from a piston.

And if you have a wild idea that's not on his website, let's just say he's up for the challenge.