While the newer Tesla Model 3 features a mild facelift and a redesigned interior, it remains just as powerful as the first-generation vehicle. Mat Watson from Carwow put this to the test by staging a drag race between the new and old models.

These two vehicles tip the scales at 1,844 kilograms (4,065 pounds) while pumping out 457 bhp (341 kilowatts) and 487 pound-feet (660 newton-metres) of torque. Before you convince yourself that Mat has totally lost the plot, there are a few distinguishable differences between the two when it comes to the tyres and the battery packs – rumour has it that the newer model has a bigger battery.

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Differences aside, the older model – with Mat at the helm – is victorious in the first race from a standing start. Even after swapping lanes, the gen-one Model 3 still pulled out an early lead and held off the competition. It’s unclear if the results were down to reaction time or a tire advantage, but the old car is the clear winner from a standstill.

Things get a bit different in the rolling race where the new car takes a super close victory. It looked like Mat was ever so slightly gaining on him, but he didn’t have enough room to capitalise on such a small advantage.

While disappointing for some, these results are actually quite predictable as the changes for Gen-2 were mostly cosmetic. Ludicrous mode is a great party trick, but Tesla is equally focused on the efficiency of their vehicles. Unlike many automakers entering the EV arena, Tesla has figured out the secret sauce to going fast and being able to go the distance.