Remember that strange, high-riding saloon prototype spotted a few months ago? Well, it’s been spotted again, though the recent sighting has provided little in helping to identify the strange model, which we suspect is a Fiat. It continues to wear thick plastic cladding that goes beyond the usual amount of concealment. The chunky black cladding completely obscures the shape, with only bits of the car visible.

All signs point to this being a new Fiat model, though its true identity remains a mystery. Previous Fiat test vehicles have worn similar-looking plastic cladding designed to hide the vehicle’s shape, like the Fiat Mobi test vehicle spotted in 2019. The vehicle’s thick cladding and unknown status open up a wide avenue for speculation about what Fiat is doing. We previously suggested it could be a high-riding version of the Tipo saloon the company revealed last October. There are similarities between the Tipo and the test vehicle’s front-end design.

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However, there’s a good chance that it could be something else entirely, depending on how far along it is in its development. If it’s in the early stages, then it’s likely the sheet metal underneath could radically change before the camouflage falls off. This could be an early prototype for a coupe-like SUV like the Fiat Fastback Concept that debuted in 2018. Our spy photographers suggest this could receive the Toro Coupe name, and it could hit the market in 2022, though don’t expect it in Europe or North America. It’ll be a vehicle destined for Brazil and South America.

If it’s the Toro Coupe, then it’ll likely get a range of engines, with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder serving as the entry-level offering. It could also sport the optional turbocharged 1.3-litre revealed in the 2022 Fiat Toro, which produces 185 bhp (137 kilowatts). We’ll have to wait for the test vehicle to lose its plastic cladding to understand what the automaker is developing. Until then, Fiat’s boxy plastic cladding will do its job well by keeping the car a mystery.