Popular YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam has put together a new, lengthy compilation of footage from TeslaCam and dashcams. It focuses on Tesla Autopilot and human drivers, showing a number of car crashes, fails, and saves. This comes on the heels of recent Tesla crashes, and some people continue to point out that humans (bad drivers) are a much bigger problem than safety systems.

Advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) are meant to save lives, and we like to think they do their job in most cases, otherwise, safety organisations wouldn't suggest them and credit automakers for having them. This doesn't mean there will never be incidents where a safety system fails. However, human error results in a huge number of car crashes each day. What do you think?

We will never know for sure exactly what happened in a car crash. This is especially true when it comes to advanced driver-assist systems, and whether or not they were activated, and what their role was in the crash or save. However, watching TeslaCam videos, complete with details from the drivers, is interesting. And, sometimes, it's very clear that Autopilot is engaged, especially if there's footage from inside the cabin.

We're sharing this for a few reasons. First, some people clearly find such footage entertaining. Second, there is certainly something to be said about the many terrible choices human drivers are making on our roadways. Third, we find the Autopilot "saves" interesting to watch and to try to decipher.

What is your overall take on Tesla Autopilot, as well as other ADAS, versus human drivers? Are these safety systems saving lives? Will they work to make driving safer? Leave your comments on our Facebook page.