If your faith in humanity was recently restored, consider this a word of warning before you click play on the video above. What you're about to see isn't exactly a showcase of humanity's finest moment, and we're not just talking about the initial decision to take a 3-metre (10-foot) tall hire van into a tight parking garage. That's just the start of this two-minute melee that goes from bad, to worse, to really worse, then ends on a cliffhanger.

We'll start with what we know, which admittedly isn't much but honestly, details don't matter here. There's a timestamp on the clip from 9 April, and it opens with the box van entering the garage. Right off the bat it hits the clearance warning sign, but the driver continues forward unfazed. Ceiling beams are on either side with what we later discover are water pipes crossing in front of the camera. The van continues straight until it hits the pipes, bending them up slightly but apparently causing no other damage.

We're only 10 seconds into the video, but at this point the driver could slowly back out with nobody being the wiser on this ill-advised decision. It's the common-sense move, but common sense left the building when the van entered the garage in the first place so what happens next should be no surprise. Instead of going straight, the driver turns to one side while reversing, causing the tall box to hit the ceiling beam. It's strike two, but even at this point, it's not too late to make a clean getaway. Buff the scratches off the corner of the U-Haul's box and there might not even be any damages to cover.

But then the panic sets in. Oh, boy does it set in.

That's the only way we can explain the crazy events comprising the rest of this footage. The driver lunges forward, hitting the ceiling beam with the front of the box while also breaking an overhead water pipe, and that apparently sets off more panic. We don't know where this garage is, but the water spray suddenly turns a disgusting shade of brown that we hope is just built-up sediment in sprinkler pipes. The frenzied melee repeats over and over, with neither the driver nor the passenger apparently understanding what they're hitting.

Eventually, the driver seems to realise the solution we've known since the very beginning. The U-Haul is straightened in the tight space and poised to reverse out of the watery hell it created, dinged and soaked but still recoverable. We're all set for a happy-ish ending but oh no, there's one final twist that ensures your faith in humanity – or at least faith in people driving hire lorries – won't be restored anytime soon.

Stay safe out there folks. And for crying out loud, don't drive a big truck into a small garage. We can't believe we even have to say that.