No great idea comes from a night of drinking. But for these folks, a drinking session led to something greater than buying your own bar or starting a band.

More importantly, their idea of an extendable bathroom that you can tow can be a godsend for van lifers. It's not motorhome-sized but for those looking for a portable solution, this is nifty. 

Gallery: Extendable Portable Restroom For Sale

Bill Coles posted this crafty portable restroom on Facebook Marketplace. According to him, the idea came about during a drinking session over a pint of beer, and with the current coronavirus situation, having your own facility is essential when going off the grid.

Measuring 280 centimetres (9.2 feet) long, 160 cm (5.2 feet) wide, and 170 cm (5.6 feet) tall, the whole thing manually extends in one and a half minutes, with the walls extending upwards. The portable restroom includes a cassette toilet, hot and cold water, a shower, exhaust fan, sink with mixer tap, LED lighting, roof bars, and a solar panel. It does come with a large leisure battery, as well, and a 12V battery link. 

Even better, it also comes with a separate aqua roll and waste master tanks that you can connect to the unit when you reach your destination. They're not large, though, so they could only last for a few days.

Interested? You can contact Coles via the source link below. This exact unit is for sale for £3,000. As mentioned, it's in the UK so if you're interested to ship it over the pond, expect to pay more.

Portable restrooms aren't exactly a unique idea. But commercial examples abroad are either too big, too heavy, or too pricey, so seeing this one out there expands your list of options, we reckon.