Now on sale, the Polestar 2 is a high-riding all-electric vehicle available in different configurations in terms of a powertrain layout. Just recently, Volvo's electric spinoff brand launched a single-motor, FWD variant of the EV with a more affordable price than the £45,900 Polestar 2. Now, there’s a new update for the model.

Polestar has just announced a massive over-the-air software update for the 2 and it brings a number of healthy improvements. What caught our attention the most is the new functionality added to the Polestar application, including battery status, remote climate start, and remote locking. The company says this is still beta software, though it expects to have more functions added over time.

Gallery: Polestar 2 app software update

“The updated Polestar app now brings extra convenience to owning a Polestar 2,” Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, comments. “The simple action of being able to pre-heat or cool the cabin remotely is something we know adds huge value to the everyday experience and we know Polestar 2 owners have been eagerly awaiting this functionality.”

Another cool new feature is the so-called Digital Key which turns your smartphone into a car key. The brand says, following extensive testing, this tech is deemed safer than a traditional key fob and is immune to relay attacks as it does not operate on radio frequency. The Polestar 2 uses no fewer than 18 Bluetooth sensors to communicate with the paired smart device. To start the vehicle, all you need to do is keep your smartphone within the vehicle.

The updates to the Polestar application with the added vehicle functionality will be implemented automatically to customers who already have the app installed. It’s important to note that the new features cannot be used until the latest vehicle software has been installed. Polestar will begin rolling out the software update for existing vehicles starting today.