Self-confidence is a good quality to have when grounded in reality. We just never thought it would be so universal that even an electronic system could present it. That’s the case for the Mercedes-Benz Linguatronic intelligent voice control. When the TikTok user @kevinpr_03  asked Linguatronic what it thinks about Tesla, the answer was so funny he recorded it and sent it to @benzenthusiastofficial to share.


If you did not check the video above, what Linguatronic replies is: “The same as you. Otherwise, you would not be sitting here.” It is an elegant answer, even if very opinionated and self-confident. As the Twitter user @AaronS5_ states below, it shows “ a bit of an attitude towards Tesla” as well.


We have no idea how these answers are prepared and inserted into the system. Despite that, it seems Mercedes-Benz knows what it is talking about. Of all vehicles traded in for a Tesla, the ones from this German brand are not representative enough to deserve being mentioned by the report Tesla prepared. Audi, Lexus, and BMW are there.

What this might mean is that Mercedes-Benz buyers are more loyal to the brand. Although @kevinpr_03 made this question in a combustion-engined model, it would probably be traded in for a Mercedes-Benz EV before the German carmaker kills its ICE vehicles by 2039 – or earlier.

Another irony is that Mercedes-Benz is the first legacy manufacturer to actually present an EV that competes with Tesla or Lucid in energy efficiency, the EQS. Before that, Volkswagen was the first company to present a dedicated electric modular platform for its electric cars, the MEB.

This sort of approach makes us wonder if Mercedes-Benz will change that answer with Linguatronic in the EQS and its future electric vehicles based on the same platform. If the company is already so self-confident with the vehicles it already builds, it has a high chance of turning arrogant with a vehicle that can actually beat the ones Tesla currently sells.