We've seen the MG Cyberster Concept even before the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. It's futuristic, carries an emphatic design, and quite frankly, looks polarising – the perfect ingredients to capture the attention of the world.

The Sino-British automaker seems to be successful in doing so. The media was talking about it, which got people asking whether this concept will ever reach mass production. As it turns out, MG has plans in doing so, but it needs your help. Yes, you, dear reader.

Gallery: MG Cyberster concept

Banking on the roadster concept's popularity, the SAIC-owned car brand has launched a campaign to ensure the future of the Cyberster as a production vehicle: crowdfunding – much like a Kickstarter campaign.

Called the MG CyberCUBE, the business model aims to involve interested parties in funding the production of the Cyberster. MG aims to reach 5,000 shares to start the production of the electric roadster, with each share priced at 1,000 RMB or around £112.

You have until 31 July 2021 to contribute to this crowdfunding campaign. MG said interested parties will just need to log in to the MG CyberCUBE platform and submit the payment for one share, otherwise known as "Dream Gold." Once the goal has been reached, you can consider the vehicle as launched and that amount will serve as your deposit. In the event that the campaign doesn't reach its goal of 5,000 shares, MG will refund the amount.

Interested? You will need a lot of luck with that since MG didn't provide any information on where to find the MG CyberCUBE platform.

The MG Cyberster is confirmed to have a potential range of up to 500 miles (805 kilometres), while the 0-60 miles per hour (97 kilometres per hour) sprint is said to be rated below three seconds.