In today's episode of things we'll never afford comes this epic home located high in the Montana Rockies in America.

You know it's a snazzy place when there are more bathrooms than bedrooms, never mind the extra houses for guests and the property caretaker. There's even a treehouse, but we suspect you're reading this because of the massive garage that includes a shop with its own dyno. And it can all be yours for the cool price of just $12 million (approx. £8.6 million).

Browsing listings at Zillow, we learn this morsel of motoring heaven hit Montana's real estate market in March 2021. It's located in the upscale resort town of Big Sky in the south-central region of the state, not far from the northern portions of Yellowstone National Park. Nestled among 20 acres of picturesque mountain living is the main home featuring four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and 836 square metres of space to stretch out or get a workout, as the plethora of photos in the listing show a home gym is part of the package.

Big Sky Montana Mansion With Underground Garage For Sale

Photo Credit: Big Sky Country MLS

The above photo provides an overview of all the buildings, including two smaller homes, a utility garage, the aforementioned treehouse (yes, it's real) an outdoor hot tub, and finally, the underground garages. That's not a typo, as photos show multiple areas for parking, working, and yes, charging an impressive number of vehicles. There's even an old-school fuel pump outside, connected to a private 3,785-litre fuel supply.

Big Sky Montana Mansion With Underground Garage For Sale
Big Sky Montana Mansion With Underground Garage For Sale

According to the listing, the custom garage can hold 50 cars, and there's a Tesla charger installed for powering up the EV fleet. We don't know if that's actually a supercharger, but we suspect the workshop with a two-post lift and chassis dyno is of greater interest to enthusiasts. There's also an indoor wash bay, and it looks like all these areas are connected without the need to venture outside. Considering snow sticks around in the high Rockies for much of the year, that's a good thing.

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Photo Credits: Big Sky Country MLS

So yeah, dream big friends. This is a gorgeous home in a gorgeous location with the kind of garage petrolheads swoon over. And hey, if the Yellowstone supervolcano ever explodes, you have an underground sanctuary filled with cars to live out your days with. Suddenly, that £8.68 million price tag doesn't seem so bad.