Here's a video compilation of the biggest crashes caught on Teslacam so far in 2021. Some involve Teslas getting destroyed, while others do not, but were captured on Teslacam so in a certain way do involve a Tesla still.

Of course, this video comes our way courtesy of Wham Baam Teslacam on YouTube and the title is particularly fitting for this video since it features a lot of whams and bams.

We're not sure Top 10 is the right wording here (10 Worse, perhaps), but as you'll see in the video, which is only about 15 minutes long and include captions describing what happens for each incident, there are a series of serious wrecks ranging from a rear-ending by a Honda, to a Civic smashing a Tesla on the expressway and even a CR-V smashing into the back of a pickup truck.

Perhaps the most severe wreck though involves avoiding a dog and getting hit at high speed from the rear, or maybe it's when a huge semi truck sideswiped a Tesla and knocked the car right off of the road. Fair warning though, some of the wrecks are hard to watch.

Watch the clip to see the rest of the wrecks, including the few we briefly described here.

As Wham Baam Teslacam states:

Crash compilation with the Top 10 biggest car crashes featured in Teslacam Stories in the first quarter of 2021.

Teslacam Stories is a series of Tesla owners' real experiences told by the Tesla dashcam. All incidents are recorded from Tesla vehicles and submitted to this channel by other Tesla enthusiasts.

I contact each Tesla owner who sends me their videos to talk with them and learn more about their story and to follow up what happened after what we see on their video.