We've already seen quite a few glorious automotive creations from Woodworking Art on YouTube, and if there are more projects like this one in the pipeline, it certainly won't be our last feature. We never get tired of watching these beautiful wooden sculptures come together, and this new Land Rover Defender with a detailed interior, engine bay, functional doors, and a working suspension is no exception.

As always, the project opens with rough slabs of wood. We are treated to a surprise, however – instead of creating separate sides connected by a roof, the entire Defender body is traced and cut from a single piece of wood. In automotive terms you might say this is a unibody creation, and interestingly, that factors into other aspects of this build which we'll mention later.

Every Woodworking Art project we've seen thus far features extensive use of a chisel, but this video could feature the most extensive chisel work of them all. The detail is extraordinary, from the ultra-fine designs on the grille to lights front and rear, wing/fender vents, cutouts on the rear fascia, texture on the bonnet, tyre treads, interior details, and the entire engine that's visible under the opening bonnet. We can't overstate the skill and talent you see at work here – power tools obviously make woodworking easier, but the details on this Land Rover can only be accomplished by hand and the end result is nothing short of amazing.

It's not all about the chisel work, however. As with real-life unibody vehicles, subframes are required for powertrain support and this Defender gets full suspension all the way around. Front and rear components are mounted onto a wooden base instead of the body, so technically you could consider that a full frame. But with the body being a carefully carved singular piece of wood, it just feels right to honour this as a unibody scale model. With wheels and tires mounted (overtop red brake callipers no less) and the interior finished, the wood Defender comes to life as an exquisite piece of automotive art.

The video is just over 13 minutes long, but it represents hours upon hours of diligent work from start to finish. We can't wait to see what comes next.